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About Us

We love marketing...but we hate buzzwords.

Public Haus is a nationally-recognized marketing, public relations and digital media agency that partners with awesome brands to implement ideas and strategies that cut through the noise, resulting in more customers, more influence and more revenue. It’s that simple.

Brand communications is our sweet spot. We implement digital campaigns that send engagement and interest through the roof; generate massive media coverage resulting in new levels of awareness and credibility; produce films and videos that transform our clients’ brands into aspirational content studios; and develop influencer campaigns with an ROI that would thrill any CFO.

If growth is your goal, then drop us a line. Converting exposure to clicks and sales is just what we do.

Client Reviews (2)

The team your brand needs

Video Production


Our production company was contracted by Public Haus to help create some video content for one of their clients. Their communication skills and attention to detail stood out immediately. They have creative ideas for each project, while always keeping the client's vision at the forefront. Ryan and Allie are both a pleasure to be around and easy to work with. We have now completed 4 video projects with Public Haus and we cannot wait for the next one. I highly recommend this agency for anyone looking to grow their brand!!

BG Video, LLC
Media Production
almost 4 years ago
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