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Strategic Media for Luxury Brands

Over the last ten years, we have watched the luxury advertising realm transform and become an industry far more sophisticated than ever seen before. In response, we have been offering our clients innovative solutions for the implementation of multi-channel media. We've been showcasing our years of research, analysis and results to provide clients with more strategic insight into what our agency represents.

Leveraging our thought-leading team, we pursue the most sophisticated, most curated and most responsive advertising placements across all mediums. We are in pursuit of creative expertise, unparalleled strategy, expert consulting and impeccable service. We are in pursuit of taking our clients’ goals and exceeding expectations with our relentless strive for perfection. We are Pursuit!

Client Reviews (1)

Pursuit Recommendation

Budget Range
greater than $200,000

I have known the team at Pursuit for over 8 years. They are the current AOR for CIRCA and we are very happy with the results we are seeing.
Signed them on almost a year ago to help us with our SEO and Digital Advertising strategy. They understand the customer we are trying to target and they do not waste money or time in order to acquire them.
The team is very accessible and knowledgeable. They can speak to their strategy with confidence. They are true partners and will communicate success as well as concerns when needed.

VP of Marketing
Luxury Goods & Jewelry
over 6 years ago
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