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Not a clichéd resume

Every company has a bio, and many are, well, a cliché resume no one gives a hoot about. So, our cliched bio is: we are an idea marketing agency located in Milwaukee Junction with a team comprised of a lot of digital natives (if you don’t know what a digital native is, Google it). Our group excels at creating ideas and brand experiences that drive our client’s business.

Now, if you’re interested in the non-cliched stuff, here are a few things that may pique your interest. The first is that culturally we are an IDEA company. And we know what you’re thinking, “Okay, now THAT sounds like a cliché.” Well, it’s not.

We’re passionate about generating ideas… you know, brainstorming. To be clear, when we talk about brainstorming, this isn’t about slapping brown paper on a wall and churning through a stack of post-its. We’ve taken brainstorming to a new level, turning it into an art form. The result is what we call our Jamming Playbook.

Our Jamming Playbook is inspired by artists whose backs are against the wall to deliver a hit song, movie script, or give a great performance. It contains 22 different methods we use internally and with our clients. It works so well, we thought we’d share it with everyone… for free. We regularly present our playbook and invite you to attend. Visit our website for details.

Another interest piquing item is we move at the speed of marketing. We’re not talking about creating ads quickly (although we are adept at delivering ads for every channel). Rather, we know our clients don’t have time for a 3-month strategy with a long production cycle. This is why one of our core offerings is a 5-Day Breakthrough Workshop. This is an intense client-agency workshop designed to deliver a breakthrough roadmap to propel a brand forward. Talking through the workshop here is a bit much, so check out our website, or better yet, call us and let’s discuss how to accelerate your brand.

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