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Resound | Branding and Experience Design Agency

Your organization is remarkable...but maybe your brand isn't.

We build authentic brands and experiences that resonate with your customers and keep them coming back for more.

Marketing will never resonate if your organization doesn’t communicate from an authentic identity. Remarkable brand experiences aren’t born. They’re built. These are the four brand pillars that you’ll want to pay attention to:

1. Brand Definition | The Essence of Your Brand
The world isn't waiting for your product/service. The world is waiting for your authentic values and unique personality traits.

2. Brand Communication | Visual and Verbal Guidelines
You need guidelines for the whole organization to create the same experience across the board.

3. Brand Execution | Customer Experience
Make sure every step in your customer experience is interesting and engaging, both digitally and tangibly.

4. Brand Position | Competitive Differentiation
Brands can only stand out and earn sales if they corner a piece of mental real estate in the minds of potential customers.

We really love this stuff (and we could talk about it for hours), but our clients are really the best people to introduce us:

“Working with Resound on the firm rebrand was a great experience. They didn’t just give us a pretty logo, they really looked inside our firm to understand our clients, our team, and our reputation in the community. Resound made the whole process (from brand audit to launch) run very smoothly. Their team is creative and professional. I am very excited with the final product we received from Resound.”

— Jaimi Koechel, Director of Marketing, Henry+Horne


Our Clients Are Remarkable

Business is about serving people well. Put people first, and watch profits follow. View all our work at

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