Artisan Council Rocks!
Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

I'm the CEO Zing Bars, a natural foods product sold throughout the US. I would like to recommend Artisan Council for social media activation. We started working with Leilani and the team at AC nearly three years ago and the results have far surpassed our expectations. When we started working with them, we did not have a coherent social strategy and didn't even have an Instagram account. AC provided direction, strategy and leadership, always with a clear understanding of our brand and values. From day one, they began working in earnest to post relevant social media content while simultaneously working on the broader long-term strategy. In addition to managing all of our social platforms, creating both written and visual content and transforming our social strategy, AC initiated and maintained a strong influencer marketing program as well as brand partnership outreach. Much of this is what we expected but AC has something special. they were available on weekends for special campaigns, held regular calls with our marketing team, excel at community moderation, and always had a positive attitude. Our weekly check-in is always a call I look forward too. Finally, their reporting is clear, diligent and pertinent, ensuring that we continued to build on our wins, and prevent us from investing in areas that did not show a return. I would wholeheartedly recommend Artisan Council for your social moderation and strategy.

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