Professional and creative
Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

Video Production

We looked for video production companies by making a tender in which 8 companies participated. After reviewing all proposals we choose Black Rabbit because of the creative idea, professional approach and great value for money.

After the tender ended, we met with Black Rabbit for several sessions during which we discussed ideas and how we want to present our company and industry in video production. After a few meetings and the preparation of the script and storyboards, as well as the budget, we did a professional casting with the selection of actors. After the actors had been approved, we met for a final pre-production meeting, where we discussed the details of the ad plan day, props, costumes etc. Then the advertisement was filmed, also Black rabbit did a photo session during the shooting day. Ultimately, as a result of post-production activities, thanks to Black rabbit we had 4 versions of TV advertising (Christmas and regular with 2 different lengths) and also online ads (static and animated ones). Despite the short time, everything was done in a professional and exhaustive way, thanks to Black Rabbit.

From the very beginning, we cooperated with the producer, director, production manager and screenwriter. We had sessions where we discussed all stages, ideas and finalized the activities. As a result, we felt that we were taken care of as a company at every stage, and that our product was treated with great commitment and creativity.

Communication of our brand with advertising that was created by Black Rabbit and showing it in the high-reach media, resulted in building our company in just over half a year as a competition leader. The strategic conclusions from 2020 showed that after about 7 months of constant presence on TV with the spot created by Black Rabbit, we opened the categories of courier services in communication and we imposed ourselves as its communication leader. It was a very important aspect during the pandemic (where we were looking for safe, reliable and stable brands) and during the period of building a well-known nationwide brand.

We had great cooperation with the entire team, at every stage of creating the advertisement. Despite many moments when we were hesitant and needed ad hoc changes - Black Rabbit did not lose their enthusiasm, energy and positive attitude. Everything took place in a pleasant, professional atmosphere, that's why I have recommended Black Rabbit several times as trustworthy in the context of creating brand communication.

Even at the stage of the tender itself, they distinguished themselves from other companies with their approach. They wanted to get to know the product, our industry as much as possible from the beginning, they were interested in research and hard data. At the same time, they approached the subject less standardly and showed extremely creative and memorable ideas.

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