NC Beer Love Story
Budget Range
less than $20,000

Boone Oakley contacted me to come spend a day in their Creative Lab which is a space to think about big ideas. They were excited about NC beer. I was the boss of NC beer. It turned out to be a match made in ad agency heaven.

As a nonprofit brewers guild, we'd never even done an ad before (though I had worked with several agencies in my past work life). The perfect opportunity presented itself. I told them our first ad had to be arresting and fun. It had to speak to brewers and beer lovers. They presented me with three excellent concepts.

I picked the correct answer, and we made the most beautiful beer ad I've ever seen. Beer lovers framed it.

The team at BooneOakley are brilliant and fun to work with, to boot. From the big idea to the painstaking photo shoot, they were outstanding. I raise a toast to the whole team!

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