Click it Clam tm, yup they're the ones.
Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000


I own a 53 year old manufacturing company, Jamestown Plastics. We make among other things , consumer goods packaging. Think the stuff in clear plastic you hate to try and open. I invented the Click it Clam, a revolutionary new product which opens with one hand, closes with one hand and stays closed even when dropped off the roof of our plant filled with drywall screws. I knew we needed the most innovative website ever developed in our industry to do this invention justice. I am 52, so I had my 18 yr. old intern search high and low last Summer for the web developer who could carry out our vision. He literally searched hundreds of websites then tracked down who built them. He brought me his top three, proximity was not a consideration. We both chose Brolic to reach out to first. From our first face to face in Philly through multiple interaction in our shop these guys and gals just got it. The vibe was right from " Hello" these people want to get to know you right down to the warts and halitosis , for they believe they cannot convey to the clients potential customers their clients abilities without knowing their client as well as they know themselves. They have a process, trust it, at times it may seem tedious, but they are gleaning factoids about you and your organization you either don't know, or are so close to you take them for granted. We launch this June 5th and decide for yourself. If is not simply one of the best websites you have seen, in my humble opinion please do not waste your and Brolic's time by approaching them for yours. Find a cookie cutter developer who does not challenge your staff and you to define the essence of what they are, why they are and why anyone should give a rat's ass. PS whoever had this site built should go to them, I am doing this review on my IPad, and frankly it is a crappy frustrating experience , Brolic could fix your issues, smiley face.

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