Amazing Experience from Start to Finish

I had previously worked with Creative Deviants when they had done a campaign for the Salon where I’m one of the co-owners. So when I launched my own line of organic haircare products, Steam, I gave Rand a call.

I didn’t have much of a budget and needed multiple videos as well as a stream of social media content. I knew the Creative Deviants team would put together something great but even those expectations were blown out of the water. His team put together some really great concepts and as I had experienced before, working collaboratively with the team was super enjoyable and they really helped bring my brand to life. Also, it was a fairly stressful time as we prepared to launch Steam Products but they were really attentive and though I’m sure I’m not one of their bigger clients, I really appreciate how responsive they were to anything and everything.

Since we launched 2 years ago, I have used Creative Deviants for multiple campaigns. They’ve done some super hilarious videos as well as more traditional work and I can’t recommend them enough. They are natural story tellers and I can not stress how much of an amazing experience it’s been working with them.

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