Restaurant Website & Digital services
Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

I am the owner of a Local Restaurant ' Chicago Grill'. Chicago Grill is one of the best restaurants in Islamabad, serving the best quality food with a warm welcoming atmosphere. We selected them through a tender process. 16 companies competed for the tender. They won the tender because of their technical and financial bid they won the tender.

They designed developed and Optimized the website. They helped us in setting up all social media accounts, Google my business, Advertising campaigns on Google and Social media accounts. There were responsible for building up the restaurant's visibility, reputation, social hype & awareness.

The goal was to cover all digital marketing channels and build a strong reputation & visibility for my restaurant. The impact was spectacular. People love to dine in, ask for home deliveries & the house is almost full every other day. We decided to present a short feedback form to every customer and in this form, we ask them how did they reach us. This year 64% of total visitors are coming through all digital efforts contributed by Graphiters.

They planned each and every phase of the project and executed it professionally & timely. The photography team was a bunch of young photographers and it was a complete fun to work with them. The result they produced was outstanding. The photography team covered 60% of the restaurant's atmosphere and 40% food. This trick worked very well for fine dining customers.

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