Poor Design & Project Management, Unsuitable Tools
Private User,CEO at https://www.cheap-domainregistration.com/ in the Internet Industry
Budget Range
less than $20,000

I hired Kobe to write content for, redesign, and redevelop our ecommerce website.

I chose Kobe based upon its online reviews, project size fit, past customer designs, and its Los Angeles location.

Kobe provided one, initial meeting with a few people who I did not work with again. Work was begun on the project by the content writer, who began describing the design in his content, which was posted page by page on Monday.com, which does not have revision or reviewing functionality. Kobe refused to begin the project with (industry-standard) wireframes, which would have provided a simple understanding of the two types of pages and messaging placement to both my team and theirs. Kobe next provided designs, via pdfs in email (i.e. no easy reviewing capability), that looked like simple template websites with no brand feel, according to many laypersons and professional web designers (and me too of course). At this point, with less than half of the work done, I cancelled the project.

Kobe unethically did not refund money for the half of the project that was unfinished.

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