Magnetic Creative gets the job done
Budget Range
greater than $200,000

Magnetic Creative had the right qualifications to fulfill our requirements. First, they had the chops to execute our branding project - they had the creative people, the technical coders, and the project managers to manage from start to finish. Lastly, they are local to Southern California. Our offices are in Lake Forest and is just an hour's drive to their office in Temecula.

Our initial project is to rebrand Wonderware - a beloved name in the industry that needed some TLC. Once we saw the happy faces of our leadership team and our ecosystem partners, we knew that we made the right choice in Magnetic Creative.

Results? There are a lot. Here are a few...

• The Wonderware Branding and Acceleration Campaign helped launch System Platform 2017 with InTouch OMI, selling $317M worth of software

• Assisted the Schneider Electric Software Distributor Channel Marketing Program that helped bring in $268M in sales

• Improved the Wonderware Ecosystem Marketing that resulted in successful management of 4100 System Integrators and VAR/OEM that brought in $47M in sales

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