Marsden Marketing delivers outstanding results!
Budget Range
$120,000 - $200,000

Marsden Marketing is true marketing partner to Corista and has been for a number of years. We depend on them for a range of services: marketing strategy, Go-to-Market planning, and execution across our digital and traditional channels. We’re an emerging technology company in a highly specialized technology market (digital pathology). It can be a challenge to compete with the major players on a limited budget. Marsden continually delivers strategy and programs that give us visibility and credibility on par – and better than - some of our global competitors.

Marsden is key to our channel marketing in the US and Europe, coordinating with channel partners on messaging, web and PR initiatives. Internally, Marsden has instituted better decision tools and data analytics to improve both sales and marketing with HubSpot Marketing and Sales Pro. The team we have is collaborative, experienced, and highly creative. Marsden recently produced a highly successful webinar series featuring thought leaders across the industry that generated 500x the number of qualified leads we had hoped for. Marsden is a critical member of our revenue generation team.

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