MindSea takes the time to understand you but move fast to get it done
Budget Range
less than $20,000


I always respected Bill and his team's mobile design work, so when the time came for me to design an iOS app for my SaaS company, Proposify, I went to MindSea for their expertise.

They held a discovery session with me and my team to understand the core value we provide and went through a clear, defined process for uncovering what to include in the mobile version of our product.

They talked to and tested their wireframes and designs with our real customers to make sure what they were designing was solving their problems.

The final designs were great, and they presented the final designs in a professional way, leaving room for feedback and iteration.

One of the most telling signs they did their job well — since releasing the mobile app to thousands of customers we rarely, if ever, get a complaint about the app. Our customers overwhelmingly love and use it!

I'd highly recommend MindSea when planning your next mobile app, especially if you're a SaaS company whose core competency isn't mobile. They'll guide you where you need to go.

about 7 years agoSee this agency