Creative, Fun and Efficient and Local!
Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

I am currently the CEO of Impact Radio Group with seven FM stations under the roof and the only independent operator of radio clusters in Boise, Idaho. That is my job.

My outside passion is the time I spend as a Director for the The Idaho Meth Project and Truth208. The programs are designed to keep our youth away from meth and with the addition of Truth208 away from prescription pills and opiates.

With Truth208 just launching in 2016 we knew we needed an ad campaign as vibrant and hard hitting as what we had done in the early days of the Meth Project.

From story boarding and idea creation Mitchell Palmer really got what we were after in the creative. They developed outdoor, television and radio creative that hit the message we wanted to drive home to kids and parents like a sledgehammer.

Early signs of the success are coming in and the future for the Project and Truth208 looks to be very bright indeed. Thanks Mitchell Palmer!

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