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User Experience

Neuron designed a responsive website for us to help depict a unique and elevated island lifestyle for a luxury residential development.

Since we are a creative agency, we already had the brand in place and came to the engagement with lots of creative, collateral, photography, etc. Neuron took all of that and brought it to life in a digital form. We didn’t necessarily give them any direction from a website design standpoint, so they took the liberty to design a few different options for us, which was really great.

Neuron did prototyping, wire-framing, and visual design. They created a site map and offered a few different approaches to the site from a design standpoint. Overall, it was a great experience.

They really understood the vision we had for the brand, and we, as well as the owner, are very excited about what we’ve created together. Neuron didn’t just think about what's needed on the site now but they also designed accordingly for the brand's future plans for expansion.

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