Percept: Not just perception but understanding
Budget Range
less than $20,000


As a Startup, funds aren’t always easy to come across so I went looking for a small but yet professional brand design agency in Sydney.

That’s when I came across Percept!

The challenge, to create a corporation identify that encapsulated the vision.

At the first presentation, I knew Percept was an organisation I wanted in my corner.

They took the challenge head on and that’s when I really understood that Percept took the time to understand who I was, what my organisation did and how these two items combined to make a unique offering.

The partnership delivered results even I didn’t expect, working with tight deadlines, and often left field requests, Percept always delivered.

The crowning moment was the delivery of the brand, including the company name, tag line, business cards and the whole suite of items required to get operating.

I soon learnt that being ‘small’ didn’t hinder but was actually a benefit.

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