the accolades don't lie
Private User,Marketing at PepsiCo in the Consumer Goods Industry

One thing no one can deny is the success I achieved with ProPac eg such as being awarded PepsiCo's North America In-store Program of the Year (Cross Divisions) as well as receiving the Vendor Marketer of the Year Honor (beating out other vendors such as Coca-Cola and Mondelez) from a Top 5 National Retailer. Also the latter was not from a one-off program but rather a full year partnership that captured everything from strategy all the way to execution for 2 whole calendar years. We would not have received these accolades without Propac - I can't stress this enough.... Ultimately it comes down to the people, their vision, and the adaptability that are their strengths. They also have a great ability to take a step back, when everyone is deep in the weeds to meet deadlines, to make sure we are approaching campaigns strategically and making sure its in the best interest of the consumer... In addition, their digital capabilities and acumen are bar none.... End of the day, even if they don't have an office in Hong Kong or, I genuinely feel they are up there with the best in the country. They bring unique perspective and insights that I think any organization could benefit from. The national accolades we received working with them are tangible proof of that and no one can deny that.

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