Creativity, Partnership and Results

I've been working with the Rinck team on and off for nearly 20 years. When I've been able to work with them, I've done it, and throughout the years, have done some really great work ranging from event marketing to public relations to in-store promotions and more.

Currently, they act as our primary agency for consumer marketing and some B2B marketing across two pet brands. They came into a situation where we needed to accelerate our marketing quickly but we had very little (none, really) consumer insights on the brands since marketing was nascent at that point.

Not only have they helped us grow our business, but they have done it in way that has added value through data that helped provide valuable insights into our brands and consumers.

Most importantly, they have been strategic partners - from participating in a five year strategy development process for the entire company, to new product development, to marketing research, they are not just an external agency, but an extension of our internal team, bringing their own passion for this category into the work they do for us.

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