Pushing the envelope on top quality software. Could not have done it without Singlemind!
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Singlemind helped us design and develop a visual, collaborative and real time graph schema editor. To the best of our knowledge and our market research, the software we envisioned did not exist and Singlemind pushed the envelope on what was possible. The universal response of our users has been extraordinary because we built a product that is one of a kind. This would have not been possible without Singlemind.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND (5 stars out of 5 stars) Singlemind for the following reasons: 1) Process: They have a clear process in place with agile development, scrum meetings, issue tracker, etc. This clear process is maintained throughout the project which is one of the reasons why our project has been a success. 2) Communication: We have always had clear communication. From the initial phases of discussing the idea, going through wireframes, etc. I truly value and appreciate that we have had fantastic communication via email and slack; we have minimized conference calls (developers aren't very fond of meetings). 3) Proactive: They take in account our input and they come back with suggestions and different ideas. This is a win-win for everybody. 4) On-time with Quality: They have top notch developers who deliver on-time and with quality. Rarely did we see bugs during our QA phase. 5) Adaptive: When we started the project, they were leading the project. Halfway through the project we wanted to shift leadership to our side, but keep the same process we had established (issue trackers, code repo, etc). This shift occurred without any hiccups and we continued to be as productive. 6) They can push the envelope: The software we built is one of a kind. We had envisioned this in our minds for a while. We told them what we wanted to do. We were skeptic if it was even possible with the current technology. They made it happen. Today, I sometimes can't even believe what we have accomplished. Thanks Singlemind!

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