Sir Isaac did far more work on their end than I anticipated, exceeding our expectations at every turn.


We hired Sir Isaac to redesign our website, which was the first “Destination” site Sir Isaac had worked on before. That didn’t hinder their ability to not only meet our expectations but exceed them. Their proposal was very detailed. They were enthusiastic and demonstrated that they really wanted and could do the job.

After discussing the project early on, Sir Isaac provided an aggressive timeline. But, over the course of the project, they showed they could meet our tight deadlines, which was great. Sir Isaac is very fun to work with, too, and brought new perspectives to the project from the beginning. Sir Isaac always told us what we didn’t know, which we very much appreciated.

Every decision we made with Sir Isaac was research-based. If we had any questions about the site, they would explain why they did what they did with data and research. That level of detail was appropriate and appreciated. We needed to be at the next level, and Sir Isaac helped us get there.

The site has been doing great since July when we launched it. After launching the site, we have continued to work with Sir Isaac and would definitely recommend them.

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