Smooth Design to Code Process

The design review meetings we had with Tia Krupa and the rest of the team at Slide UX were the highlight of my week. I cannot relay enough how refreshing it was to work with a design team who was already familiar with the challenges we developers face, when building a componentized design system. Tia genuinely cares about maintaining consistency in design while discussing with developers about alternatives to potential pain points, especially when the burden to complete falls on the developer.
The designs themselves were beautiful, too. Every so often I would look at a new page concept and say, “Wow, I can’t wait to work on that”. Slide UX designers will never stop trying to keep your products looking fresh, and modern – mockups that make you proud of your effort, and happy to duplicate. It was very easy to achieve such positive results in our feedback sessions because of the synergy we had between design and development.

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