Digital Advocacy Superstars
Budget Range
greater than $200,000

The National Health Law Program initially contracted with Social Driver to build a new website to replace our old one. Along the way, they added several features and functionalities, including an updated and strong search feature. The site is built on WordPress.

Internal stakeholders are extremely impressed with Social Driver’s deliverables. The new site has seen 100% year-over-year traffic growth and garnered positive feedback from users. Along the way, the team’s passion, values, and expertise have paved the way for an excellent partnership.

Later on, we were awarded a large grant for an administrative advocacy project to engage regular people in administrative commentary. Together with Social Driver, we worked on our messaging as well as building out a microsite campaign. We’re currently in phase two of that project, wherein they’re helping us with digital community building.

At this point, we’ve worked with several of their team members. We’ve had a handful of wonderful product directors.

One of the great things about Social Driver is that they introduced us to each member of their team who was going to impact our project. We had experts we could reach out to during each part of each project rather than just one singular touchpoint.

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