Rebrand for LGBTQ Military Organization
Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

I previously worked as the Executive Director overseeing the merger of the nation's two largest LGBTQ military and veteran organizations.

They were dealing with two opinionated boards that often conflicted but took bits and pieces from both sides to put together a brand product. They helped us come up with a name and logo, along with a branding package, including a color scheme.

The deliverables from Social Driver have all earned high praise, with the logo and overall brand being versatile and simple. The entire process led to a stronger overall united brand and it went smoothly. All deadlines were met and communication was a highlight.

As the boards we were bringing together wanted their brands to shine through in the new merger, Social Driver was able to provide options that appealed to both and showed how strong they’d be by joining forces. They made my job a lot easier by showing why specific components should be incorporated and what it would mean to the community. I was really pleased with them and have recommended them to other organizations, too.

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