Above and Beyond Expectations!
Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

Video Production

My marketing team was looking for a lot in one agency: someone who could design an attractive, interactive app for our new trade show booth, develop AR for use at events and film video content for promotional purposes.

The search was challenging and involved a long shopping expedition of over 13 vendors, where we encountered a lot of agencies that could accomplish one or two of the projects we wanted to pursue, but not all three.

SunnyBoy was able to fit the bill for everything we needed and came with exceptional communication and professionalism. Although they've worked with high-profile Hollywood productions, Lara, Lex and Jon never came off pretentious and truly tailored their interactions with us on the knowledge level we had at shoots and with the app development. Their finished products are nothing short of exceptional.

I highly recommend SunnyBoy to any company looking for a professional, efficient and hard-working creative team.

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