Smart Strategy + Crisp Execution

Some agencies offer visionary strategies that can’t be executed; some agencies offer mundane work that simply checks the box. Tendo does neither. Instead, it pairs creative, well-researched, thoughtful strategies with on-time, on-budget processes and deliverables that hit the mark every time.

From the leadership team through the account execs, content marketers and strategists, editors, writers, UX and design folks, and analytics teams, this agency maintains an audience-first approach that consistently produces top-notch work for its clients.

Tendo’s approach marries customer needs with business goals to produce content strategies, content marketing campaigns, and editorial and creative services that deliver results.

I’ve worked with them on several large and small engagements from content audits, competitive assessments, and data analyses, to information architecture development, content model and asset creation. They are both valuable consultants and reliable executors. In short, they’re great partners.

For transparency: I worked for Tendo for many years, and I expect to continue using them as an agency in my new role for many years to come.

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