Front- & Backend Dev Service for HR Solutions Company
Budget Range
greater than $200,000


We represent a SaaS HR software solution. Uinno acted as an extended team that was initially engaged in frontend development and IT infrastructure implementation. However, within a while, the team started performing a part of backend development tasks. In particular, they worked with .NET technology very well.
Our project is quite big. So a long-lasting and thorough cooperation is of great importance. To make sure we are on the same page with the development team, we have implemented four stages of vendor selection. Only after passing this selection process, we make up a decision. We were astonished by Uinno's deep expertise in the relevant area and how broadly they look at the tasks pool.
Frontend development and IT infrastructure implementation were the first stages of our cooperation. There were many tasks to complete and lots of work to perform. For instance, they had to develop recruitment pipelines, incorporate the solution with internal tools, integrate it with external job boards, etc. After a while, the Uinno team started noticing certain issues in the backend part of the HRM software. As they have offered reasonable solutions, we have decided to delegate them this scope of work as well. ReactJS, Redux, Typescript, Microsoft Azure, and .NET were the core technologies in this project.
Our product is an ecosystem of software solutions for HR and recruitment. Some subproducts are already working, the others are still in the development stage.
As to measurable outcomes, it is hard to estimate. We collaborate within a time and material model and can confirm the highest efficiency of the Uinno development team.
They always see the big picture while approaching the task pool and, thus, find the best possible solution.

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