I was looking for a branding and web design agency that could provide my medical startup in Atlanta, GA, with a powerful website presence and unique design. I thought Los Angeles, CA might be an excellent place to start looking for a company, as they constantly are great with creativity. After one meeting with Vanta Studios on Zoom. I pulled the trigger. We started with discovery, competitor research, logo design, branding, and finally, a website that looked great and generated NEW CUSTOMERS IN ONLY THREE MONTHS. You can look up my services, and my business is coming up toward the front page of Google. I initially thought SEO was something agencies made up. However, it's only been three months, and all the SEO techniques that Vanta Studios built into my website have proven to generate new business. Vanta Studios took the time to identify what my competition was doing online and then targetted the correct keywords, placed them into copywriting, and implemented all the on-page SEO techniques needed to attract customers away from my competitors and to us! I haven't even spent a single dollar on marketing campaigns yet, and my website is bringing me business.
I'm looking forward to what Vanta Studios can do for us in the future. Check out our company: Evolve Surgical Associates." HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!

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