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About Riester

Since its beginning, in 1989, RIESTER has been motivating people to become passionate about and get involved with issues that matter. These roots as Brand Activists™ remain the foundation of our business today.
For example, one of our earliest campaigns resulted in the largest activation of volunteers for a litter clean-up in American history, over 12,000 people participated in “The Great Salt River Clean Up” in a single day.
Our Brand Activist™ approach to marketing shocked the national news media in 1996 when we launched our “Tumor Causing, Teeth Staining, Smelly, Puking Habit” campaign to prevent youth from smoking. The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, MTV, CBS Evening News’ Dan Rather and NBC’s Brian Williams all reported on our unique methods of communication. The result was a 24% decrease in youth tobacco consumption, which is still the most successful youth prevention campaign to this day. Even the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) enlisted our work to support the prevention of tobacco consumption nationwide.

Creating and believing in our clients’ purpose, and caring about the sustainability of their brands’ success, has led to RIESTER becoming one of the largest independent advertising and public relations firms in the Western United States. Today, we have the knowledge, experience, and resources to help businesses address important challenges in today’s vastly changing world.

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