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James & Matthew, LTD

James & Matthew, LTD


WE’RE NOT QUITE A BRAND AGENCY, NOT QUITE AN AD AGENCY…WE’RE JUST US. WE AMPLIFY YOUR BRAND SO YOU CAN GROW YOUR BUSINESS. - We’re James & Matthew, the humans and the company. As humans who own a company, we think it’s strange that the ad business is becoming very inhuman. Programmatic buys with no real person in control. Copy written by an AI for an AI to read. More content created in a day than any of us could ever consume in a lifetime. Videos made to fool the viewer into seeing one thing...and maybe believing another. How long until we’re asked to “Dial 1 for a Social Media A”or “Dial 2 for a :30 TV Commercial?” The personal aspect of business, any business, is what matters to us. It’s the connections we’ve forged over the past decade that make this business worth the effort. We believe that instead of having hundreds or thousands of messages flooding your marketing, that one great idea can crack the cacophony. We believe quality has a quantity all its own. We’re not interested in simply contributing to the endless stream of messages that consumers are bombarded with every day. We’d rather be a part of the one message they remember. The one the resonates. The one that leads to action. Wouldn’t you? Partnerships aren’t transactional. And neither is a business focused on connecting people with people. Afterall, that’s the business that James & Matthew, the humans and the company, are in. For us, achieving a genuine connection means that we provide a deep level of commitment and dedicated service to our clients. So much so that some of them never even see the work we produce for them until it is ready to air on television, run on Instagram, or arrive at their door in the morning. That’s the type of trust that can’t be given. It must be earned through years of hard work. We show we’re worthy of that trust by consistently proving that we understand our clients’ needs, and more important, the needs of their customers...ultimately we both serve them. If you agree, drop us a line and let us know we aren’t completely nuts. Or maybe you think we are and want to tell us so In that case, that’s ok too.

10 - 49 Staff
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