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ABOUT US - We help medical device, diagnostic, and IT companies grow Here are three complaints we hear clients make about their agencies all the time: 1) They don't know my market well enough 2) They don't keep us ahead of healthcare reform 3) They don't truly understand the sales force If that describes your current experience, you may be working a lot harder than you should and leaving sales on the table in the process. Specialized Market Experience VIVO brings a depth of market experience that few agencies can match. Radiology, EMR, orthopedics, cardiology – we bring years of experience in practically every sleeve of business. That means with VIVO, you're not doing all the extra work that comes from getting your agency up to speed and keeping them there. Specialized Healthcare Reform Insight When it comes to healthcare reform, VIVO is ahead of the curve. The Affordable Healthcare Act turned marketing upside-down and most companies are still struggling to adjust. VIVO sees the changing market dynamic as an opportunity and we help our clients take advantage of it. Specialized Sales Force Expertise VIVO was created to address the disconnect between marketing and sales. We were founded by a top sales rep and we know how to craft messages that reps can't wait to deliver. With locations in Philadelphia (VIVO) and San Francisco (VIVO West), more and more medical device, diagnostic, and IT companies are finding out the difference a partnership with VIVO brings. If you're ready to bring on the specialist, get in touch.

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