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TOP MOBILE MARKETING & USER ACQUISITION AGENCY - If you perceive marketing as an art or entertainment form, don't read further, Udonis is not the right agency for you. If you consider modern marketing to be similar to investment banking; Taking a $1, putting it into ads and getting $1.5, $2.1 or $3.5 out of it, we do have something in common. Please, read further. - 5 research firms, including, Agency Spotter, Business of Apps, Digital Agency Network and Moauzz recognized Udonis Inc. as a leading mobile marketing agency - Since Q1 18' to Q3 19' we acquired 49 million mobile app installs in the following categories; Gaming, Finance, Employment, Education, Healthcare, Lifestyle & Travel ☑ Udonis Inc. partners with mobile publishers, as well as mass-market product & service providers to run their paid ad campaigns efficiently, at scale. We can deliver full-service mobile marketing, user & customer acquisition, which includes: - Media buying (campaign creation & management) - Creative production (ad banners & videos) - Analytics (ad optimization & reporting) The most common problems we solve? x SCALE - You're running profitable paid campaigns, but you're struggling to capture higher volume? Like you've hit a brick wall and you just can't go around it? Let us add additional volume to your total ad spend, within your goal KPIs. x EFFICIENCY - Your organization is struggling with getting the CPA down? Instead of $0.80 CPA, you're seeing $7.45? Let us optimize your paid campaigns, so your operation starts putting up profits. x EFFECTIVENESS - Launching a new product line? Need a launch strategy in place? Let us do it for you. Want to know more about Udonis? Send us a message & we'll set up a time to talk.

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