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Red Knight Marketing

Red Knight Marketing


WHY WE'RE UNIQUE - RedKnight Marketing was founded on the basic principal of treating every business as if our business depended on it. We work with small to medium sized business to help them grow and give them the ability to utilize RedKnight Marketing as their own in-house marketing department. RedKnight Marketing originally focused on two core services, website design, development and custom programming along with business and franchise consulting. Since that time RedKnight Marketing has expended their list of services through the need base of our satisfied clients. Throughout the years RedKnight Marketing has acquired talents from various partners and in some cases customers. With every new person joining the team a new area of expertise was developed. This allowed RedKnight Marketing to become a one stop solution for any business looking to market their services or products and grow their business. RedKnight Marketing works as if we were your marketing department, which allows you to focus on client relationships and managing your business while we bring new customers in the door. RedKnight Marketing currently has offices in 3 countries and our clientele reaches across 4 continents. This allows us not only to assist businesses that are looking to do business internationally but also allows us to monitor different trends, concepts and ideas that come out of each region. Many times RedKnight Marketing has brought ideas and concepts into new continents due to our ability to adapt strategies and concepts from one language or culture to another. We believe that our business only grows through your business growing. We are determined and focused on building relationships with our new clients, as we grow alongside them. We go to great lengths and efforts to make sure that you are always aware of what we are doing and working on, without having to take up your time. Our goal is to take care of our clients so they can focus on taking care of their business.

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