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Pulse Brasil

Pulse Brasil

Marketing Strategy

CREATING HAPPY HUMANS - Creating happy humans – how we create successful brand engagement. In the world of brand engagement a lot has changed – and will continue to change – but one thing will always remain constant. All of it is aimed at people. Real people. And at Pulse that’s what we’re passionate about. We see our client’s customers for what they really are: real human-beings, with real needs, wants, hopes and fears. Not a target demographic, a job title, a decision maker, a sports fan or a delegate but a person just like you and me. And because we take the time to understand that all of our work, whatever the channel, comes from the most powerful insight of all – real human insights. This then enables us to ensure we make real emotional connections so that every touch-point your audience has with your brand is a positive experience. And by doing that we create happy humans…humans who are more likely to buy, join, try, recommend or return. It’s as simple as that! We are a London-based agency with offices in Dubai and Dublin and operations across the 6 continents. Experience that enables us to understand, and work with, cultural subtleties anywhere in the globe without compromising on creativity or excellence. Our clients include Emirates, Jumeirah, JVC, Pimm’s, Bushmills, Dnata, Palmolive, Rubicon, Argos, Blossom Hill, Morrisons, Renault, InterContinental Hotels, Nakheel, DP World. Please talk to us if you’d like to create some happy humans of your own!

10 - 49 Staff
Rio de Janeiro
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