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Sector 5 Digital (S5D) is an award-winning creative agency that combines brilliant storytelling with emerging technology for industry leading organizations.

S5D is a Glimpse Group (Nasdaq: VRAR) company that helps transform brands by creating innovative digital content for marketing, communications, sales, entertainment, conferences, virtual events, training and simulation. Our 25+ years of experience runs both deep and wide, including elements like augmented and virtual reality, microsites, apps, photorealistic 3D animation, interactive game technology, and video production. This broad skill set is unique in our industry and enables us to be a full-service partner. Ultimately, it makes the difference between an average experience and an amazing one.

The deep technical knowledge of our team has allowed us to support our clients at hundreds of events in North America and beyond over the last 7 years, showcasing our innovative solutions with both technology and brand ambassador support. From designing futuristic aircraft to revolutionizing medical training experiences, Sector 5 Digital has helped many of the world’s leading organizations elevate their brands with the combination of incredible storytelling and advanced technology solutions.

We help our clients to dream the impossible, then make it happen.

Client Reviews (6)

Highly Recommend Sector 5 Digital

Healthcare Marketing

Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

I have had two phenomenal experiences working with Sector 5 Digital over the last several years while with two organizations. Sector 5 Digital sets the standard in their area of expertise with telling a credible and impactful story through digital media. They are first class with their approach, competency, and collaboration with us as partners at Corganics. We could not be more pleased with their output of a recent project that will lead to additional work together.

6 months ago
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