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WordPress Design, Development & Aggressive White Hat SEO

Our WordPress designs are amazing, our developers are even better, and we do everything with SEO in mind.

Our SEO Guarantee, We'll significantly move the needle in 90 days or less, or we'll work for free until we do. (we establish the 90-day targets with your team)

Seota builds, ranks, markets, and supports great websites for great businesses. We are a no-nonsense, results-driven, get-stuff-done digital agency.

We are not like the others. We are a WordPress web design & SEO firm that started as an SEO agency. Seota has married the two disciplines into an integrated approach. We have the under-the-hood experts and the design skills to make a difference in your marketing efforts.

Why Seota?

A Repeatable Process

Our SEO Process is transparent and documented.

We start with a process that is over a decade in the making. Our objective is to amplify your brand and help you leverage your digital assets to increase sales (in a cost-effective manner).

SEO Xs & Os

Our founder has been doing digital marketing & SEO since the beginning. We have detailed processes, checklists, how-to guides, and internal tools that would make most Fortune 100 companies jealous. This is our 3rd successful agency. One went public, one got purchased, and this one is here to serve you.

Real Web Developers on Staff
We built a team that knows what is happening under the hood of your website. We are not using a theme made by someone else or a bloated design tool created for the Do-it-Yourself market. We employ experts in SEO, WordPress architecture, PHP, CodeIgniter, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe, and Figma. Therefore, your technology investment will be safe for a long time.

We Draw Your Site Before We Code
Drawing your website in Adobe XD or Figma allows us to show you how the site will look & function before we write a line of code. You can make changes & approve real designs early in the process. No surprises & no waiting months. Above all, this reduces your risk of a failed project.


Web Design and SEO Projects

We build everything from scratch, starting with a Photoshop drawing of what your website could look like. We work with you, the client, to fine tune the design while it is just a drawing. Once approved we turn the drawing into your new website.

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