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Solving Business Challenges Through Custom-Built IT Solutions Since 2007

SEVEN is an end-to-end IT partner with proven expertise in solving narrowly specialized software needs.

✔ Services we provide:
• Project Discovery
• Proof of Concept
• Software Product Prototyping
• Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
• Software from Scratch
• System Components Development
• Legacy Software Rebuild
• Software Maintenance
• Software Localization
• Software Documentation
• Independent Software Audit
• Software Issues Resolution

✔ We offer a number of WebRTC-based core solutions with the option to tailor them to your needs, both in terms of functionality and UI/UX:
• White Label Video PPM Chat
• PPM, PPS Video Chat Core

✔ Our Top-Priority Industries and Directions
• Healthcare
• Education
• Business
• Social Networking
• Video Conferencing
• E-Commerce Solutions


Case Studies

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Their communication and response times are exceptional.

Web Development

Budget Range
greater than $200,000

As the CEO of an e-learning company, we specialize in providing educational services primarily geared towards improving students' exam results and preparing them for university admissions. We engaged with SEVEN for all our development work. They came equipped with pertinent experience and a profound understanding of our goals and values.
Initially, we defined the project's specifications and requirements, after which SEVEN offered us an estimate and conducted a thorough exploration of the most fitting technologies for the project. Our technology is bifurcated into two main components, each demanding in its own way.
The first component is geared towards enhancing the student experience. Our primary objective here is to effortlessly pinpoint skill and knowledge gaps and assist students in surmounting these hurdles. This process involves the active participation of live tutors.
The second component focuses on the tutorial aspect. The innovative technology we utilize not only determines the correctness of a student's response but also comprehends the reasons behind it, providing tutors with valuable insight. We identify students requiring assistance and group them according to their ability level. This leads to insightful tutoring sessions that are tailored to individual learning needs, and our technology plays a crucial role in facilitating this.
SEVEN has proven to be a formidable partner, successfully delivering a high-quality project that has left our internal stakeholders highly satisfied. The team manages the project commendably, utilizing email and Skype for communication. They've consistently been responsive and supportive partners, helping to define both our service and our product.

Curriculum ltd
Education Management
about 1 year ago
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