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Our Approach

While there are many summits, there are even more ways to reach their tops. The path we suggest may not be the shortest, but it will be the one that leads to your ultimate success.

A great Sherpa knows that his client is accountable to his/her superiors. Marketing dollars are hard to acquire and even harder to spend effectively. Sherpa wants to deliver and to prove a positive return on investment (ROI) for your spend.

We will ask hard questions like; What does success look like? Or what worked? (Or how about what didn’t?) We will take that learning and hone the results and endeavour to deliver incrementally better solutions.

We know our process isn’t rocket science, but you can be confident that we actually follow through on all the steps. Most importantly, Sherpa will deliver on its promises. Simply put, we will do what we tell you we are going to do.

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