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Custom Technology. Intuitive Design.

Sidebench is a technology consultancy and interactive studio, based in Los Angeles. We partner with our clients and often play the role of CTO to define a technology strategy that aligns with executive business goals. We then take a user experience-driven approach to achieving product success for each project.

We cater to fast-growing middle market companies and top new ventures seeking product strategy, bringing them the strategic value of enterprise-level management consulting, the technical chops of systems integration consulting, all combined with the UX-first approach of an experienced product team.

Client Reviews (5)

Amazing/Smart Team with Focus on Quality, Communication, and Innovative Solutions


Budget Range
$20,000 - $60,000

Amazing team over at Sidebench that I cannot speak highly enough about. They far exceeded all expectations. Communication with the project manager and team was very thorough and all emails were promptly responded to. Sidebench's creative minds were able solve any development issues that arose and provided cost-effective solutions that helped us release the best possible product onto the market within budget. Looking forward to coming back to Sidebench for our future development needs.

Co-founder/Director of Product Development
Real Estate
almost 9 years ago
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