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No dillydallying

At Sidecar, the team that takes the brief is the team that does the work. No handoffs. No playing telephone. No dillydallying. We are intentionally small and we work for flat project fees. Our goal is to create as much as possible with your budget, so we don’t waste time, nor your money.

If you are weighing tradeoffs between quality, speed and cost, consider us: just like the big agencies minus the overhead, blind spots, and unnecessary passengers.

Sidecar launched in 2012 as a division of Swirl, specifically to serve the needs of the regional and niche marketers who have been the heart of our growth and success since 1997. The Sidecar team is a group of agency veterans who love doing the work, and has a proven track record of effectively and efficiently extending our clients' marketing capabilities.

We look forward to riding with you.


Branding and Marketing with a Digital-Centric Perspective

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