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Video Design Agency

A story does more than communicate an idea; a story inspires action.

Simple Story helps businesses in any industry simplify their value propositions using video. Everyone in your organization is selling something: a product, a service, an idea. Our videos deliver the perfect sales pitch each and every time.

Simple Story was founded in 2011 and has produced over 500 animation and live-action videos for a full gamut of industries, from startups to Fortune 500 companies with varied clients such as Bell Media, CIBC, Shopify, Canada Council for the Arts, the International Labor Organization, Pitney Bowes, Citrix, Blackboard Inc., and the Government of Canada.

As an industry leader in video production, our strategists and creators work to design bespoke video content by establishing a meaningful connection with audiences through storytelling. As a Video Design Agency, we use a sophisticated creative approach with technical methodology to balance art and production to meet business objectives.

Our team is built with balance; consisting of marketing professionals and creative minds that work together to provide the type of performance and execution normally seen in large scale agencies. Through our collective expertise, we understand effective communication and how to resonate with audiences in order to maximize influence. We base our decisions on proven case studies from the most successful communication strategies in video production, and we execute by blending our passion for art with business purpose.

Client Reviews (2)

Great quality / great project management

Video Production

Budget Range
less than $20,000

Working with Simple Story was a refreshing change. Typically working with creative agencies I found that although the output might be good, the process getting there can be very challenging. Simple Story was a little different because they did a great job of balancing creative with business. Their project management methodology and tactics was very thorough and professional. Having worked with big consulting firms and small creative agencies, I noticed Simple Story seemed to pull the best from both worlds.

The output was also great - they didn't just deliver a good looking video, but a video that also achieved our objectives and made business sense.

I would highly recommend working with them!

Director of Marketing
over 5 years ago
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