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Skunkworks Tech-Innovation Partner

Think of us like this: IDEO + McKinsey + whitehat hacker-developers

Never-before-seen designs & ideas + earnings-centric business stewardship & consulting + precise, bleeding-edge tech prototypes & code execution

Our clients are heads of tech, innovation, marketing, ops, sales... effectively anybody who needs to increase earnings, realize new efficiencies, and increase quality-of-life for their customers/employees.

We make their "technology wish list" possible... and we've been doing it for 10 years. End of the day, we solve complex business problems with custom technology:
-- business/consumer mobile apps
-- internet-of-things prototypes
-- machine-to-machine hacks
-- legacy system integrations
-- .... if it runs on a screen, it's in our wheelhouse.

A few questions our clients ask themselves before they call us:
-- "We just cranked out 10 ideas on the whiteboard... how do we prioritize and prototype these, FAST?"
-- "Our agency just sent over a badass mobile strategy plan... how do we make it real?"
-- "My CEO just told me to 'figure out an internet of things strategy'... where do I start?
-- "That innovation budget I've been begging for... I just got it... 8-figures worth... what's project 1, step 1?"
-- "I got an idea... it's not right for the agency, it's way too big for my freelance web dev, and I don't want to call IBM... so who?"

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