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About Us

Skopos improves success for the world’s leading brands via Tracking, Transition & Transformation research (new concepts, designs, products, websites, advertising, channels). We are not a Qual Boutique nor a Data Factory, but combine the best of both. We’re modern, providing versatile insight with strong service. Our largest programme has run for 5 years and could eventually comprise some 11,500 projects. Our most niche studies involve 5 in-depth optimisation interviews. Skopos London operates across the UK, and globally as part of the Skopos Insight Group (SIG). We are based near St. Katherine’s Docks/Spitalfields, where The City meets Shoreditch. Do come visit.

We work with big brands and large organisations, via their MR/CI teams and for their Boards, across Automotive, Consumer, Digital, Finance, Healthcare, Leisure/Ents, Media, Retail, Tech/Telecoms, and the Public Sector - providing custom evidence from mixed-methods to enable the best business decisions - and your success.

Our recipe for success comprises a core Digital/Design expertise; mixed with a dash of Pioneering Spirit; all lovingly prepared by friendly credible people, with strengths in Service & Story-telling. Pioneers of online, communities, mobile and usability research – we’re now encouraging fusion with Digital Data, plus Immersive Stakeholder Sessions (e.g. cinematic).

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