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About SLD

We believe the marketplace is going through significant transformation and these changes offer new opportunities for companies to move beyond brand engagement to full immersion in a brand experience.

Our core belief – immersion – is redefining brand engagement. It is moving from provoking some sort of action among the audience – a tweet, a post, a face-to-face conversation – to creating a place where consumers forget they are even shopping. Immersion blurs the lines between story and marketing, storyteller and audience, illusion and reality. Immersive design harnesses powerful and evolving technologies to create these immersive experiences in which the consumer participates, further leveraging new insights founded on behavioral science on how people shop and buy. The result not only converts shopper to the customer, but builds tremendous bonds between the customer and the brand, between the audience and the story.

Whether it’s increasing traffic, generating sales, boosting monthly transactions or shifting brand perceptions, everything we do is geared to owning a more immersive “at-purchase” moment. Well-credentialed and considered industry thought leaders, we work in just about every visual communication discipline. We combine the expertise and hands-on experience of a large design firm with the laser-like focus and entrepreneurial passion of a boutique agency. Our firm provides strategy through to consumer packaging, digital experience and merchandising with a strong focus on helping brands win at the moment of purchase.

Client Reviews (6)

Beautiful Work and Terrific Customer Support

Budget Range
less than $20,000

I met Jean-Pierre Lacroix and Janice Jaworski at a show this past fall. In our initial conversation they zeroed in on the key challenges I was facing with my brand and I knew I had found the agency partner I needed to ideate and design a retail display concept. Janice and her team were attentive, responsive and very supportive. They developed several strong concepts and masterfully incorporated our feedback in subsequent design rounds. I look forward to working with them again and will recommend them to anyone who needs a Design and Branding agency.

Director of Marketing
Wine and Spirits
over 4 years ago
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