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SMITH is an independent expirential commerce agency grounded in technology.

Over the past decade SMITH’s predecessor firm, Ascentium, assembled a team of highly skilled Internet marketing and technology experts including the award winning user experience, brand design and full service marketing agency MWR and the global ecommerce provider Cactus Commerce.

Following a decade of growth and award winning achievement, Forrester named the company one of “a new breed of Global Commerce Service Providers (GCSP) – an evolution of agency, consultancy, and systems integrator to deliver fully integrated digital commerce solutions.”

In November 2012, the company re-launched as SMITH. The agency combines a multi-disciplined staff and enterprise-class technology capabilities that power compelling user experiences. The agency you know today as SMITH brings its clients a 360 degree, solutions-based approach that drives revenue, amplifies brand loyalty and delivers results.

Creativity and technology define us as a species. We apply vision and craft to shape the world as we move through it. The things we make today do not always bear visible marks of the tools that created them. But still, we impress our humanity upon them. The digital experiences and platforms we produce come into the world to fulfill a specific purpose and to perfectly impact their time and place. We bend ideas and technologies to our will.

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