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About Softuvo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Softuvo Solutions is a trusted technological leader that encapsulates the best of IT Services, including - Web Design and development, IT Consultancy, Digital Marketing, Web App Development, Internet of Things, Wearable Development, Hybrid Development and much more. We strive to curate something unique for you with all the expertise we have, to help you establish a strong brand name in the market. Our sterling team of developers, designers, and marketers work in complete association to help you reach your business objectives.

Client Reviews (1)

Visionary Partner


Budget Range
$60,000 - $120,000

I am a statistician who wanted to create some online tools for people interesting in analyzing lotteries. I had built prototypes of the tools, but didn't have the experience to build a website. Softuvo Solutions not only helped implement my tools, but they coached me through the process of fully developing the website. The centerpiece of our website (a lottery simulator) was identified by Softuvo as key to differentiating The Lottery Lab from competitors.

Technical Advisor
Uncommon Analytics
Information Services
about 4 years ago
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