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About Us

Somnio Software is a Software Development Company mainly focused on creating mobile apps with Flutter. We are a team of passionate and creative engineers, developers, and designers that work hand in hand with our clients to build high-quality products. Our mission is to help you grow your business by transforming innovative ideas into outstanding apps.

We take care of:

► Mobile development - We build innovative mobile applications with Flutter for both Android & iOS mobile devices.

► Web development - ​​We develop unique web apps with modern approaches and the latest technologies to meet your business’s needs.

► UX/UI design - We are passionate about creating beautiful and practical user interfaces that provide a smooth and intuitive experience.

Tech stack:.

- Mobile development - Flutter, Swift, Kotlin, Java, iOS, Android

- Web development - React, VueJS, NodeJS

- UX/UI Design - Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator

- DevOps & QA: AWS, Jenkins, Apache JMeter, Codemagic, Fastlane

- Internal management: Slack, Jira, Clockify, Confluence, Gsuite

We are committed to continuing working on innovative projects that cause an impact and achieving a before-and-after in your industry.

Let’s create successful apps together!

Client Reviews (1)

Awesome App Development with Somnio Software


Budget Range
less than $20,000

Somnio Software approached the client's development challenges head-on, going out of their way to find unique resources that fit the client's budget and goals. Their attention to detail was a boon to the project. The partners utilized to outline development sprints and communicated through Zoom.

United Texas Bank Dallas
about 2 months ago
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