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The agency for rising stars.

Stella Rising is the leading marketing and media agency for spirited, high-growth consumer brands, and service companies.

From breaking through with innovation and an attractive brand promise to the significant challenges of sustaining growth and maintaining brand integrity, while attracting capital and growing sales, today’s rising star brands have many potential roadblocks to growth.

Stella Rising breaks through the blocks and stays focused on the possibilities by consistently solving key marketplace challenges for our clients.

Formerly Women's Marketing and Flying Point Digital, Stella Rising has nearly 40 years experience in driving success for companies. Whether we are propelling fast growth for emerging brands, finding new consumers, moving product off the shelf, or driving conversions for DTC brands, we actively solve problems.

At Stella Rising, we specialize in working with brands that are driving change and disruption, those companies that are leading the greatest energy, excitement, and growth.

Client Reviews (5)

WMI review


Budget Range
greater than $200,000

WMI (especially my contact Marnie Yorke) offers incredible expertise and guidance in the difficult business of selecting and buying the appropriate media. She is extremely knowledgeable about my brands and provides support and validity to my media plan. Her group is honest, hard-working, and always fights for added value, lower rates, and better placement for my ads.

Her service is ideal as she's quick to reply and eager to help create my plan/strategy and optimize it throughout the year. Her input and recommendations are a big part of my decision-making when selecting media and allocating my budget.

Finally, she's great at keeping me informed of my deadlines and assets needed and is practically "on call" to adapt and strategize my plan when my budget or timing changes.

Brand Manager
Falic Fashion Group
Consumer Goods
over 5 years ago
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