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About Sterling-Rice Group

SRG is a place where people get inspired and where boredom comes to die. We don’t simply rely on researching the past; we create proprietary studies, predict trends, and develop new products. Our deep categorical, sociological, and psychological knowledge keeps us one step ahead, allowing us to tap into core social truths and create unexpected, extraordinary brand experiences that inspire people to stop, think, engage, and act.

We invite you to bring us your toughest challenges and most intricate puzzles. We are solutionists: a collaboration of resourceful thought leaders, creative innovators, and empathetic storytellers driven to unravel any problem.

You will find our teams to be the kindest partners—and the most ruthless innovators—always willing to do “a little bit more” to drive your brand to the top.

We measure our performance based on our founder's beliefs of Excellence, Creativity, Education, Honesty, Respect, Social Value, Responsibility, and Fun. SRG has been ranked on Outside Magazine’s "Best Places to Work"​ list for the past six years, and was also recognized by Ad Age as a 2016 and 2017 "Best Place to Work"​.

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