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About Us

Stokefire (, began in 2005 as a boutique verbal branding firm. We developed names and taglines for companies and products around the globe. With a laser-focus on strategy and positioning, we quickly earned a reputation as one of the top specialty firms in the world.

In 2007, we officially began offering strategic guidance and brand positioning services. But our clients demanded more. Even though we prepared them for launches, transitions, and acquisitions with remarkable results, our advice on marketing collateral and advertising required a highly creative and talented design team to pull it off.

So, we built one. Today, we’re a team of the hardest-working designers, strategists, researchers, marketers, and administrators in the business. We don't specialize in an industry, we specialize in ripping industries apart, creating new ones, and making competition irrelevant.

Our team has worked with Google, Motorola, Heinz, US Department of Defense, Discovery Channel, Charles Schwab, ABC TV, and hundreds of other organizations. We’ve earned this business because of our commitment to making our work and our clients matter.

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